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Welcome to Dollheaven Ragdoll Cattery

A CFA Cattery of Excellence

Breeding and Showing the Ragdoll Cat which includes Regional Winners and Supreme Grand Champions

Located in the Washington DC area, convenient to VA, MD, PA, NC and WV.


Do to Health, Dollheaven has retired from Breeding and ShowiNGs


Dollheaven like to thank everybody for a great 25 years.  Without your friendship and support Dollheaven would not have been able to have numerous Supreme Grand Champions and Region Winners.  We will miss seeing you at the Cat Shows.

Feel free to explore our site to see and learn about the wonderful and gentle Ragdoll Cats that we had the opportunity to know and love.







 RW SGC Dollheaven Kisses from Above



The Ragdoll cat is a very sweet and loving indoor cat.  Ragdolls are larger than the average cat - males weighing 18 to 25 pounds and females 12 to 14 pounds.  It prefers a quiet home where it can spend time laying with it owner.  At night time the Ragdoll wants to sleep in your bed with you.  A home with a lot of activity or loud noises can scare the Ragdoll, sending it into hiding. 

Dollheaven encourages you to compare several catteries before you make your purchase.  Do not go by what you hear, but visit the catteries to see for yourself.  During the visit ask yourself if the cattery is a clean and a healthy environment?  Are the cats and kittens friendly and come to you?  Are the breeding males separate from the breeding females to avoid unwanted pregnancies?  Is this the cattery you want your kitten to come from?


Rocky and Moxie, two blue bicolor Ragdolls

RW SGC Ragmagic's Rock Anda Hardplace and QGC Ragmagic's Miss Moxie of Dollheaven

Blue Bicolor Ragdolls





Dollheaven Ragdoll's Kittens

Dollheaven's Kittens

A Seal Point, a Red Mitted, and a Blue Mitted Lynx

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